About Strukton Rail North America


Strukton Rail's North America team of experts is ready to help you improve your rail asset management practices today. 

Our Heritage 

As an international technology company with close to 100 years of rail maintenance and construction experience, we want to join forces with you to build a safe, future proof and sustainable rail network. Thanks to decades of knowledge and experience we can count ourselves among the leaders of the rail industry. In addition to possessing sound maintenance expertise, we are also at the heart of ground-breaking technological developments. As such, we can support you as the full-service provider of rail, rolling stock and electrical systems.While our roots are in the Netherlands, our operations span the globe.

Local Expertise

Strukton Rail’s North American team of experts is ready to help you improve your rail asset management practices. We are present locally, understand the ins and outs of the local situation, search for the safest and most innovative solutions, and produce ground-breaking ideas that comply with federal and local regulations.


Working on tracks, construction sites and along roads and motorways involves risks. This is why working safely and in good health is our top priority. With our 24Safe Initiative we make sure that from the planning stage to closure that our first and foremost focus is making sure that everyone at home and on site are safe and secure 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our safety measures have proven to not only lift team morale but increase production in a timely and safe manner from start to finish, making 24Safe a model in safety and security measures in the industry.

Antea Group

Strukton Rail’s sister company, Antea Group, is an international environmental, health and safety, and sustainability consulting firm. Antea Group provides services spanning from environmental remediation to regulatory compliance support to sustainability practices.