Strukton Track Scan

Worldwide real-time asset tracking and management can be achieved with the TRT 3000 (Track on Rail Track 3000).

The built-in high quality GNSS sensor provides accurate location information, including the path it took.

The TRT 3000 is built to last. It uses the latest low-power connectivity technology, LTE-M and NB-IoT in order to secure long lasting endurance. It also has an integrated solar panel, allowing for indefinite use.


Scalable & User Friendly

The TRT 3000 can be installed on any asset using magnets, after which the sensor data will be directly available online. Besides measuring position, tilts and collisions, it also acts as a sender and receiver for other sensors. This means that an unlimited amount of extra sensors can be connected to the TRT 3000. Without additional configuration it sends data from these sensors to the MTinfo 3000 Cloud.



The TRT 3000 uses LTE-M connectivity which has global coverage. Asset owners, emergency services and distributors can therefore follow goods 24/7 on a worlwide scale. This helps optimize their business processes to the full extent.