Strukton Wire Scan Technology

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Issues with rail infrastructure, including overhead catenary system (OCS) problems, can cause service disruptions. Automated wire inspection solutions bring a new paradigm for how OCS problems can be identified with greater efficiency and remedied more effectively while keeping network availability up, to make rail lines safe and secure quickly.

Strukton Rail is uniquely positioned to support condition-based wire inspection & analysis by designing a solution for ever-changing policies and requirements. The Strukton Wire Scan provides a complete and automated system for live (energized) contact-wire inspection. The new technology is based on non-contact measurement principles via a flexible, modular setup that can be deployed by Strukton. The scan results allow us the predict where future defects might occur.

The Strukton Wire Scan measures thickness, lateral position, height and dynamics of wires at an average speed of 18 mph with a maximum collection of 3.6 million samples/hr. The system can achieve up to 42% in savings vs traditional (hand) measurements. The analyzed data provide an overview of the health of OCS, which can easily be used for maintenance planning and integration in an ERP software.