Safety Devices and IoT


In partnership with Dual Inventive, we’ve developed technology products that make working on railway infrastructure safer and more efficient.

Strukton provides technology solutions that make working on railway infrastructure safer and more efficient, optimizing the method of managing track possessions and significantly improving efficiency of maintenance windows. Our innovative safety systems are implemented using the Internet of Things (IoT) platform via the Cloud, to make planning and track work safer, more efficient and paperless.

The technology means that track workers no longer have to spend time ‘in track’ to install safety measures. This reduces the number of shifts required to carry out work and maximizes the productivity of time spent on track, with more work undertaken between trains.

Our Track Circuit Operating Device is a preinstalled, remotely operated device which simulates a train in the section. The section is immediately blocked, enabling rail workers to perform work on the track safely.

Smart Shunting Devices (ZKL)

Strukton Rail’s smart shunting devices help safeguard maintenance workers in the field. The devices (ZKL 3000 series) are not the typical cables but are SIL-4 rated, self-monitoring shunting devices.


The ZKL 3000 series protects a section of track efficiently. By creating and monitoring a short circuit in the track the ZKL simulates a train in the section, causing the track circuit to show “occupied” thus placing the protecting signals at danger. The section is immediately blocked, enabling rail workers to perform work on the track safely. A green LED light shows whether a short has been generated and is visible on the top of the device.


Each ZKL has been designed to be both simple to install and cost effective.


ZKL 3000 RC

The ZKL 3000 RC can be remotely operated. The system can remain in track semi-permanently and be switched on/off in a matter of seconds by authorized employees, removing the need to enter the track to place or remove protection once installed. The ZKL 3000 RC is (de-)activated by an app on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, or by a remote control.

ZKL 3000 RC-C

The ZKL 3000 RC-C is a shunting device equipped with a cabled remote control allowing for usage in areas without cellular network coverage.

ZKL 3000

The ZKL 3000 (standard) shunting device does not have the remote control capability, but does offer the fail-safe feature that the ZKL 3000 RC and ZKL 3000 RC-C have in place. The LED light indicates whether the track circuit has been shorted, therefore reporting the block as occupied.

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Rail Temperature and Vibration Monitoring (CRM)

The CRM 3000 (Critical Rail Monitor 3000) sensor can remotely and in real-time measure rail temperature. It has been designed with ease of installation (seconds) and safety in mind; the sensor is magnetically attached to the track. In addition, in the near future, it can also measure railway track vibrations. The sensor communicates via MTinfo 3000 Cloud and the new NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network. Communication via this NB-IoT network requires very little battery consumption and has a long range. This makes the sensor operational for up to 5 years on a single battery.


The CRM 3000 allows for simple threshold settings – once exceeded, a warning and/or alarm notification is sent to the organization’s pre-identified MTinfo users.

Track on Rail Track 3000 (TRT)

Worldwide real-time asset tracking and management can be achieved with the TRT 3000 (Track on Rail Track 3000).


The built-in high quality GNSS sensor provides accurate location information, including the path it took.


The TRT 3000 is built to last. It uses the latest low-power connectivity technology, LTE-M and NB-IoT in order to secure long lasting endurance. It also has an integrated solar panel, allowing for indefinite use.


Scalable & User Friendly

The TRT 3000 can be installed on any asset using magnets, after which the sensor data will be directly available online. Besides measuring position, tilts and collisions, it also acts as a sender and receiver for other sensors. This means that an unlimited amount of extra sensors can be connected to the TRT 3000. Without additional configuration it sends data from these sensors to the MTinfo 3000 Cloud.



The TRT 3000 uses LTE-M connectivity which has global coverage. Asset owners, emergency services and distributors can therefore follow goods 24/7 on a worlwide scale. This helps optimize their business processes to the full extent.

Automated Track Warning System (ATWS)

The Automatic Track Warning System 3000 (ATWS 3000) detects trains and automatically produces a guaranteed warning for track workers by means of light and sound signals. The system consists of two detection units DUU 3000, a warning speaker WUM 3000 and a DUM 3000, for deregistering the alarm manually.


Safe Daytime Work

The wireless ATWS 3000 system is installed along the track without having to enter the track. The DUU 3000 detection unit detects the train from alongside the track on the inspection path via echolocation.


As soon as a train is detected, the DUU 3000 transmits a signal to the warning speaker WUM 3000 via MTinfo 3000 Cloud. This will emit an alarm with light and sound signals, allowing for track workers to leave the work site.


The alarm can be automatically deregistered via the ATWS 3000 when a second DUU 3000 detects the train leaving the segment. The DUM 3000 allows you to also manually deregister a train.