Asset Management

We have extensive experience with the maintenance of rail networks, applying asset management processes, and deploying systems that we have developed in-house and use ourselves on a daily basis. 

Smart Maintenance

SMART Maintenance in Practice

Bringing the various elements of the SMART Maintenance process together, Strukton’s Control Centre links our state-of-the-art technology, systems, and processes with daily practice. Remote condition monitoring and measurement data, advanced maintenance algorithms, and domain knowledge are translated into practical information by our experienced engineers. 

The Control Centre facilitates the efficient management of rail assets, supporting day-to-day maintenance operations. Captured condition data is transferred into action planning by revealing the performance status of assets and generating notifications when deviations occur. The Control Centre can be delivered by Strukton Rail from its existing facilities or can be established and managed within the client’s own business.


Moving to Maintenance Operational Excellence

Executing SMART Maintenance with mature, innovative, and proven technology and practices enable operators to move towards a state of maintenance operational excellence. By applying the Strukton asset management toolkit, we can create a prioritized long-term asset renewals plan, determining the remaining useful life and the optimum moment of replacement, based on the current asset health and operational priorities. Health models are developed and maintained to understand the current state of the network. These models predict future asset condition and enable the prioritization of areas of operational criticality, aligned with the asset strategy and long-term investment.

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Strukton Network Scan

Strukton Wire Scan

Our OCS wire scan provides an automated solution for live contact wire inspection to detect anomalies. Output data is analyzed for wire degeneration patterns.

Strukton Track Scan

The TRT 3000 measures real-time location of rail cars while it also acts as a sender and receiver for other IoT sensors.

POSS Condition Based Remote Monitoring

POSS remotely monitors the condition of critical assets in railway infrastructure. The system is non-intrusive and predicts certain failures two weeks out.

Safety Devices and IoT

In partnership with Dual Inventive, we’ve developed technology products that make working on railway infrastructure safer and more efficient.

WillowRail Digital Twin Platform

Our Willow Rail Digital Twin Platform combines disparate data into a single platform, visible to all decision makers within the rail network.


Availability. Reliability. Safety.