Strukton Wire Scan

Our overhead catenary system (OCS) wire survey solution, provides a complete and automated solution for live (energized) contact-wire inspection.

The new technology is based on non-contact measurement principles. The scan measurements allow us to predict
when and where future complications might occur.


Our system measures – with the highest accuracy and fully automatic at high speed – and includes:


- the thickness and lateral position of all types of live contact wires;

- the contact wire height and dynamics (measured simultaneously);

- up to 25 different wires at a time;

- 4k UHD video recordings of the wires being scanned; and,

- measurement metadata (to make information-mapping in GIS and exchange with other information systems possible).


The Strukton Wire Scan has been in service since 2012 with impressive results. The system has been able to detect anomalies; output data is analyzed for wire degeneration patterns; and, Strukton Rail teams have utilized its measurements to pinpoint, via accurate GPS locations, areas of concerns for a variety of clients while at the same time providing recommendations for maintenance optimization.


Wire Scan Projects

- Utah Transit Authority, Strukton Wire Scan of complete network