WillowRail Digital Twin Platform

Dozens of different tools are used to manage rail networks but they are often not integrated. Owners and operators are left to join the dots on their own, making critical decisions based on incomplete information.

In an environment where even the smallest interruption can have serious social and financial implications, WillowRail provides a better way — a way to access a complete view of your rail network, operating in real time.

The Digital Twin

In partnership with Willow Inc., Strukton Rail developed the Digital Twin platform: an open ecosystem that integrates once disparate tools into a single, intuitive platform.


The Digital Twin unlocks new ways to engage with your rail network assets. Users can easily access and explore – in real time – a complete and interactive network view across all key operational elements. The Digital Twin is not just a powerful tool with actionable insights for decision makers, it also serves as a platform for day-to-day maintenance execution. The integration of data from existing systems and domain knowledge makes it possible to predict failures before they occur, optimize capacity and push network availability up to 100%.


For more information, please check the WillowRail website.

WillowRail at Microsoft Innovate 2019

Satya Nadella presented Willow as, ‘Willow is building out a quintessential new workload for distributed computing, to see what is happening in a railroad… Just imagine, all the tracks, all the sensors – everything that is happening as an operation – is in fact being mirrored as a digital twin and then that digital twin is being used to streamline the entire operation.’ November 2019

'Digital Twin is being used to streamline the operation.'  Satya Nadella


Availability. Reliability. Safety.